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I have been silenced. insulted. beaten. junk piled. railroaded. and HarvardUniversity professor Steve Seidel said “I am scared she will shoot up the place” when he saw my CPTSD diagnosis

Hello fellow readers… those trying to find light …. please know I did not abandon this blog because “I got busy” – but Harvard University has been blackmailing me and violating the disability clause in the civil rights amendment by both subtly and overtly discriminating against me based on the first disability listed – PTSD.


I have a very long article in the works that I have been working on with Harvard Business Professor in his “op ed” writing course  … all my studio art, visual art, film and architecture courses have been excellent (relatively) and the professors value my contributions.


But the Harvard Graduate School of Education? Dirty Dirty fuckers. I haven’t taken one course there in my last year and isn’t that a feather in your cap… (david sedaris inside joke with jacob)- anyway… how can people be asking about gender pronouns when they won’t even acknowledge my existence? my humanity?


So… now that i am almost graduated. applied. obviously not walking because that was Jacob’s seat to sit in …. and Harvard is a monster- I am coming

out with the truth.